"CPU, given its resources, did a very good job for me. I believe it helps many people in terms of psychological input. Without it, those like myself would end up frequently presenting to the GP, and given time, deteriorate to a point where I could ended up in A & E. CPU did help to save money for the NHS in the long term. It prevented a moderately emotionally upset man turning into a man who has severe emotional disturbance. Conclusion: Good service with high score for cost effectiveness."

"It is not an overstatement to say that CPU helped me to save my own life... Prior to my treatment at CPU, I had received CBT 3 times, each time for more than 6 months, spanning 13 years and I always felt that this never dealt or helped me to deal with the central and recurring issues which, at best, prevented me from progressing in my life and at worst made me want to end my life. The difference between CBT and psychotherapy, is my experience, is similar to the difference between placing a sticking plaster over a festering wound and a proper clean out of the wound, preventing further infection and actually promoting healing."

"Feel very grateful to be given such high quality help which I could not have afforded privately.  I don’t know what I would have done without CPU - there is so little support for mental health issues in the NHS."

"At a time when I felt utterly desperate, just being able to see someone and have the reassurance that I would be able to get help - albeit not at CPU - meant everything to me.  I was referred elsewhere and fortunate enough to get the specialised help I needed - something that might not have happened were it not for CPU's intervention."

"It helped to talk things through and process my problems.  Through this process I was able to prioritize issues more clearly.... I really appreciated the length of my therapy."

"An extreamly necessary service helping vulnerable people who may not have any other support whereby they feel listened to and helped.  A place where you are not judged and able to express your thoughts."

"It would be a huge loss to the community if this service is lost as there are so many people like myself who are in great need of it and would benefit from it.  My therapist did everything she could to help me and arranged for other therapy.  Thank you so much!"

"Willingness to help when I was desperate.  The fact that CPU and the therapist was willing to help me when I was at my most desparate, and when there was no other service my GP knew of that could help."

"My life is completely changed since therapy.  I can't thank you enough.....A very good service, please don't close, you change people's lives x"

"It was the best therapy I had... it helped build up my relationship with life (I was suicidal), with society, my future and – most importantly – with my child. The therapist rescued my life – I cannot pay her back."

“I would present to my GP with open wounds and infections (from self harming since the age of 16). I was referred for help but it was never effective... or the sessions came to an end too soon.”  Victoria was offered 2 years' therapy at CPU.  She no longer self harms and has transformed her life; after studying for a master’s degree and a PhD she now works for an international consultancy."