A message from Ora Dresner

Mental distress has a devastating impact on every aspect of a person's life. Recent government cuts mean that some of the most vulnerable people in London are being denied the care they need. 

Our small team at CPU helps people to work through their emotional difficulties. What we offer patients can make a substantial difference to their lives, bringing about long-lasting change for them and for the wider community. Since the withdrawal of our NHS funding in December 2010, we have had to do all our own fundraising. Your support is vital if we are to continue to make a difference to the lives of those experiencing mental distress. 

Please give generously and allow us to support those who need our services the most. 

Thank you for your support. 

Best wishes,


Ora Dresner 

Clinical Director and CEO


Fundraising Campaign

In December 2010, after 42 years of operations, CPU's NHS funding was withdrawn. As a result, we have had to re-evaluate our funding base. To continue to operate, we must raise at least £140,000 every year, enabling our psychotherapists to offer support to all those who need it. We were fortunate enough to secure some funding from the UK's Big Lottery Fund until 2018, but that funding has now come to an end. 

We are running an ongoing fundraising campaign encouraging our friends, supporters and wider community to support our operations. To make a difference to our work today, please visit our donation page.